How HR Leaders Change the World


Are you an HR professional wondering how to harness the power of your role to create positive social change?

Would you like clear, actionable ideas for how you can effect change in your team, your company, and the world?

Then our inspiring series, How HR Leaders Change the World, is for you!

“A wonderful series of interviews demonstrating the art of the possible for HR teams everywhere...

I feel like I've been given VIP access to the HR leaders who are truly striving for social impact...


Spencer Nash, Organisational Development Lead, KP Snacks

In our inspiring series find out how HR Leaders are Changing the World, and how you can increase the pace of change too.

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Because You Set the Tone


We believe HR Leaders set the tone and pace for positive social change, and in the world’s largest corporations, that this has huge impact.

Which is why we've launched our inspiring series, featuring global HR Leaders sharing their thoughts, experiences and results, on how they deliver their business goals whilst also creating change for the social issues they care most about.

Find out what your peers are doing, and receive clear, actionable, suggestions on how you can increase the pace of change too.

We've made friends with many HR Leaders over the years, and we're harnessing our network to highlight, celebrate, and inspire further and faster action.

Join us!

Hear from HR Leaders such as
Stephanie Hasenbos-Case,
President & Global CHRO at companies including Black & Veatch and Grant Thornton


Answering our five questions on How HR Leaders Change the World, hear from leaders such as Stephanie Hasenbos-Case, who, in her roles as CHRO won awards for her work on social mobility.

In their answers to our five questions, our HR leaders share results and actions, so you can implement their strategies too.

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