Connect with hearts and minds to deliver exceptional employee experience and at the same time support thousands of vulnerable children around the world.

From Babies with Love donates 100% of its profits to orphaned and abandoned children around the world.

We’re an award-winning social enterprise, contributing to seven of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, connecting your people and ESG strategies.

Transform often existing spend, into meaningful communications that create a story of purpose. A story that shows you care for your colleagues and for the global community we’re all part of.



From Babies with Love is a Social Enterprise, a purpose-led brand. Our vision is that every child grows up in a loving family. So far we’ve donated over £350,000, helping over 26,000 children around the world.


In addition, our garments are certified organic cotton and ocean-rescued plastic, our candles are made from natural soy wax, our chocolates are certified organic and Fair Trade, and we use recycled card throughout our packaging and FSC card for our greetings cards.

“I was searching for a solution to how Michelmores could celebrate our colleagues, whilst authentically communicating our purpose and ESG values.

From Babies with Love has given us the perfect solution; beautiful, memorable gifts that applaud our colleagues’ at moments that matter, communicate how much we appreciate them, and at the same time create positive social and environmental change.

The result is our colleagues feel valued, appreciated and so proud of being part of our company, as they read the incredible stories of change, the stories of the children, that we are now empowering.”

Kim Tomlinson
Head of HR, Michaelmores

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