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Pregnancy Loss Policy
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In the UK more than one in five pregnancies end in miscarriage and a 2021 repor measured that, globally, an estimated 23 million miscarriages occur every year, or 44 per minute.
In our latest Cutting Edge Update, learn how Co-op developed their Pregnancy Loss Policy.
We go behind the scenes with Kerry Allison, Co-op People Policy Manager, on the process to develop the policy; what worked well, what was hard, and what Kerry recommends if you’re leading similar work.

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"It's a sensitive and relatively new policy area in the workplace, and this can feel scary - to feel personal responsibility in case something goes wrong.

Put this feeling to the back of your mind and think about the people you’re going to help through your work. Also remember how rewarded you’ll feel when you see the results – people sharing feedback on how you’ve helped them."

Kerry Allison, People Policy Manager, Co-op

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Our thanks to Kerry Allison and Co-op for sharing their insights with us!

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1. Be informed on leading practices to support colleagues experiencing pregnancy loss; and

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