Transform engagement


Show your colleagues how much you appreciate them in a meaningful way.

From Babies with Love's gift services transform engagement; we donate 100% of our profit to vulnerable children, the story of how your gifts support them communicates how much you care, for your colleagues, and for the global community we're all part of.

Across moments that matter for your colleagues lives and careers, your small gestures, have big impacts.

Make an impact,
at a defining moment.

Impact-led services that transform your engagement:

Employee Appreciation gift service

Parental Leave gift service

Together we impact:


From Babies with Love is a Social Enterprise, a purpose-led brand. Our vision is that every child grows up in a loving family. So far we’ve donated nearly £200,000, helping over 7,000 children around the world.


Across our collections we use certified organic cotton, FSC certified wood, our chocolates are certified organic, and Fair Trade, and our candles are made with natural soy wax and recycled glass.

Make an impact, at a defining moment.

We serve hundreds of clients to transform engagement:

Make an impact, at a defining moment.