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We love businesses that exist to address the Sustainable Development Goals.

We're proud to partner with many organisations doing just that, such as How Do You Do It and Social Enterprise UK:

Social Enterprise UK


We're a certified social enterprise and proud member of Social Enterprise UK.

There's a huge variety of Social Enterprises that contribute to Diversity & Inclusion goals, in areas ranging from social mobility, neurodiversity to gender balance.

More broadly there are wonderful opportunities to introduce social enterprises in to your company's supply chain, procuring the goods and services your company needs whilst contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals at the same time.

The Buy Social Corporate Challenge


You can join all these companies that are benefiting from placing their spend with social enterprises.

Social Enterprise UK provides analysis and support that creates an easy path; find out how you can benefit at

How Do You Do It


How Do You Do It is an international specialist coaching company that works with organisations to create long term behavioural and culture change around the retention and progression of diverse talent.

Working with individuals, particularly working mothers and fathers, their managers and the wider organisation, How Do You Do It helps working parents successfully navigate their dual roles at work and home. Their award-winning group coaching programmes create powerful long-term support networks, role models and mentors and enables the sharing of best practice across an organisation to develop inclusive and supportive work environments.

Founded in 2006 by CEO Virginia Herlihy from a desire to create the parental support programmes she wished had been available when her and her partner became parents, How Do You Do It has worked with thousands of people supporting companies around the world.

What course participants say:

  • This has empowered me to get more involved in supporting my working parents and given me some great ideas for how to do this effectively – MANAGER
  • Great chance to take time to talk with others in the same position. Sharing of thoughts and ideas has helped me feel more comfortable with being a working father- WORKING FATHER
  • “Fantastic to hear how others make it work and to learn not to apologise for being a working mother – career progression does not have to end!” WORKING MOTHER

Overview of How Do You Do It courses

How Do You Do It has a wide range of group coaching, 1:1 and online programmes that can be tailored to the individual needs of each client. Download an overview of courses here or for more detailed information about each course click here.

To find out how How Do You Do It could support your organisations please do get in touch at:

If you'd like to know more:

We love sharing what we've learned from friends in both the Diversity & Inclusion and Social Enterprises spaces, indeed we think professionals in these areas are working towards the same goals - we're all working towards a more inclusive society. If you'd like to ask us any questions please get in touch.