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How HR Leaders Change the World - Live!
2024 headline partner

Thank you to Neil Morrison and everyone at Staffbase for partnering with us for How HR Leaders Change the World – Live!

As a HR leader, you're constantly thinking about how to ensure information is reaching your entire organisation, engage and empower employees, and build a better culture that connects business, brand, and people.

Staffbase was founded in 2014 with the goal of equipping companies to reach every employee with inspiring communication - the key to impacting business success. More than 2,500 customers later, they're on a mission to help the world's best organisations inspire their people to reach their fullest potential and to achieve great things together.

Their journey is about turning that inspired effort into extraordinary stories of success, change, and excellence - with category leading communications cloud that helps organisations unlock the power of inspirational communication so they can thrive in the Narrative age.