Replacing talent is more expensive than retaining it

A report by Oxford Economics reveals that replacing staff carries an average financial impact of £30,614 for an employee earning £25,000 a year.

89% of people become parents.

In addition to the financial cost, attrition of working parents causes gender imbalance.

To retain your working parents, you need to authentically show that you care. Sending a From Babies with Love gift is an inexpensive and powerful way to show your appreciation.

Many of our clients previously had an inconsistent approach to gifting; some colleagues were missed out, spend was lost across budget lines, and spent on products made without the UN Sustainable Development Goals at their core.

The opportunity to transform existing spend, to meaningfully communicate people and corporate values for everyone taking parental leave, was wasted.

At a key moment that matters, in colleagues lives and careers, spend was unstrategic, non-inclusive and inconsistent.

Do you answer yes to
questions like these?

Are you wondering how best to support colleagues across their parental leave journey?

Would you like to increase take up of support policies and initiatives you already have in place? For example joining your parents network or accessing support materials?

Would you like to build on how you communicate your values, at a moment that matters in your colleagues lives and careers?

Your solution  

We understand that ensuring people feel appreciated is hard, because everyone is different.

Which is why, intrinsic in our model to support vulnerable children, we created a gift service that poignantly connects with the universal emotions of parenthood, that communicates your kindness and shows how much you care.

Our beautiful, ethically sourced gifts, and the story of how you're also helping a vulnerable child, bring joy to your colleagues.

By transforming commonly existing, ad-hoc spend into a strategic investment, you engage your working parents, supporting retention of diverse talent.

Your results  

The feedback you'll receive will show how your colleagues feel valued, contributing to retention and in turn gender balance.

An inclusive and strategic approach. No colleagues left out or inconsistent practice amongst line managers.

Stories of social change that engage your whole workforce. Your colleagues posting on social media, authentic and impactful for your brand.

Emma Codd, Global Inclusion Leader, Deloitte

Listen to the results

Watch this 3 minute clip; hear how Deloitte, Linklaters and Virgin Money engage their working parents as part of their retention and gender balance strategy:

Your inclusive approach: take 3 easy steps

Speak to one of our experts to choose strategic gift communications that maximise engagement and deliver exceptional experience at moments that matter.

We'll liaise with your HR operations colleagues and fit in to their existing process.

Enjoy your feedback! Your consistent and meaningful employee experience will impact retention, and in turn, gender balance.