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How your people strategy is contributing to the UN SDGs, and delivering ESG results

In collaboration with our friends at Frazer Jones, learn how you can showcase your commercial HR leadership by demonstrating that your HR function is contributing to the UN SDGs.

In this 50 minute webinar join us to:

  • Learn how the global HR profession is driving positive social and environmental change, helping to achieve the UN SDGs;
  • Connect the dots between your HR function and delivering ESG results;
  • Get links to further free resources and our new free HR-SDGs digital map;
  • Demonstrate the social impact of your HR leadership by communicating your impact with colleagues and investors;
  • Align the work you’re already doing to the UN SDGs and elevate the role of HR in your business.

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How HR Strategy is also delivering
ESG results
(and how this helps you attract & retain talent)

What will CEOs be asking HR teams for in the next 5 years? To deliver their ESG objectives.

Are you wondering how this is already happening and why it’s set to be the next big trend in HR?

Watch our 30 minute webinar with our friends at HR Consultancy 10 Eighty to gain insights on:

  • How your HR strategy is also driving E, S and G results;
  • Why connecting your HR work and ESG helps you achieve your goals; and
  • How you can harness ESG to attract and retain talent.

Enjoy our 30 minute webinar here

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