Enhance Family Friendly policy and practice:
Create your action plan to engage and retain your working parents
in 4 hours

Retaining Working Parents is a vital part of your talent strategy, and critical to achieving gender balance.
  • Are you wondering which steps to take to best enhance your working parents policy?
  • Would you like a clear action plan, including initiatives that don't require significant budget?

Based on the Five Pillars your Working Parents Policy Must Include, created with Sarah Jackson OBE, our workshop will give you a tailored 3-stage action plan to help you engage and retain your talent.

There are only 12 workshop sessions available in 2023 - don't miss this opportunity to create a clear, realistic plan that applies cutting edge practice to what will work for your company.


What the Five Pillars Workshop will deliver for you

A best practice action plan: from low cost initiatives you can begin now, to change programmes you can implement over three years.

Tailored to your company's current culture and practice: your action plan will be bespoke for your company's workforce, history and future.

Data, case studies and references, using our knowledge of cutting edge policy and practice, that save you time in preparing your business cases.

In collaboration with
Sarah Jackson OBE


Sarah Jackson is a leading authority on flexible working, women at work and the gender pay gap. Having spent many years as the Chief Executive of Working Families, Sarah is now a speaker, chair and commentator providing expert opinion on all things working parent related.

We're delighted to collaborate with Sarah to share her Five Pillars for your Working Parents Policy, to ensure your success in maximising the potential of and retaining your working parents.


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Presented by Sarah Jackson OBE and founder of From Babies with Love, Cecilia Crossley, join our next free 30 minute taster session - hear an overview of the Five Pillars and examples of how you can apply them to enhance your company's strategy.

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Five Pillars Your
Working Parents Policy Must Include


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