Thank you to our Conference Partner

Thank you to Pete and all the team at The Clearing for partnering with How HR Leaders Change the World – Live!

The Clearing is a creative brand agency. They create Clear Defendable Territory for brands, helping them own a unique space in their market and live strong in the minds of the people who matter - so they can stand out, get chosen and win.

They help them do that by building from the inside out - setting a vision that creates conviction with people inside the organisation, which in turn helps the business forge a powerful connection with those on the outside.

They work with organisations of all shapes and sizes, helping them address key strategic questions and harness the power of creativity to grow value. For HR Leaders, that can be:

  • How aligned are our people with our strategy and purpose?
  • How distinctive is our culture and people experience?
  • How can we mobilise and energise our people to help drive growth?
  • How can we engage our people to make sure they're central to successful change?
  • How can we use HR as a strategic driver of value for the business?